January has ended and with it a month of excitement.During January we visited Lineapelle London and Lineapelle New York two international fairs where we presented our new SS21 leather collection.
Both events were attended by people from all walks of life related to the world of footwear and accessories production and design. A perfect occasion to create new links and strengthen relationships and above all, an opportunity to make our company and our goatskins known. The reception of our new catalogue by all those present was unbeatable.

For this season we have prepared a great assortment of leathers with different warm tones and innovative textures perfect for that season of the year. Metallic leathers also form a large part of our catalogue due to their versatility and elegance. In addition to our renewed classics. A very wide variety for the needs of all our customers.

From 11-13 February, another of the great events of the season awaits us; Prèmiere Vision Paris at the PARC DES EXPOSITIONS PARIS NORD VILLEPINTE. At this fair we will continue to present our new SS21 collection and we hope it continues to be successful. We look forward to seeing you there!


From Hosbo we have always had a high concern for the environment that surrounds us, and above all, because our company did not have a high impact on it. Since our beginnings we have tried to carry out correct production, manufacturing and distribution processes that had the least harmful effect on the environment.

It is for this reason and thanks to the management systems applied in our area that we have been awarded the ISO 14001 certificate; an international certification that guarantees that our company and its manufacturing guidelines use methods that are completely sustainable with the environment.

Hosbo is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified.

ISO 14001, achieved a few months ago, joins the ISO 9001 certificate that we have had for a few years. This defines the requirements of a quality system in the products and services of companies, through various tools and control guides. A reputation that guarantees our customers that all our products and materials are environmentally responsible and are treated in the same way.

Both certificates are highly compatible and, moreover, complement each other perfectly. The success of the implementation of both protocols depends on the commitment of all company personnel to comply with the requirements and guidelines of these management systems. Something that Hosbo does not hesitate to put into practice.

As you know, we’re passionate about colors. We believe that they are capable of speaking for themselves, that they have the power to favour and that above all, chosen with taste, they complement each other perfectly. We always choose them with great care when creating our leathers. In our world we are always one season ahead. We’ve been presenting our spring/summer 2020 catalogue for several months, but today we wanted to compile a collection of the colours that will be seen this season. Are you discovering them with us?

One of the repeated ones, although with another name, is the mustard color. “Mango mojito” is presented with an intense and very flattering tone, which will be the great ally the tanned skin. It is perfect for footwear and this year you will find it in both plain and printed leathers. Without a doubt, a win win.

It’s the turn of the warm color par excellence; orange. “Turmania” is the name Pantone gave it and it was really present in all the past catwalks. It’s intense and very eye-catching and maybe you won’t dare with the whole look, but a complement of this color will relaunch even the most basic outfit.

The pastel tones will be the star colours of summer

We couldn’t talk about this summer’s trends without mentioning the pastel tones; no doubt the summer stars. They have arrived with force in all its variants and tonalities: pink, blue, yellow… They are capable of turning any look into something romantic and delicate.

In contrast to the romanticism of pastels, we find fuchsia. It is an explosive color and with skins of this tone can be created shoes and super flattering dream complements. It is an intermediate color between the pastels and the most intense red and therefore, it always feels good.

And finally, we mention two tones a little more classic, but certainly essential for us. We don’t like to say that they are in trend, because at Hosbo they never go out of style. It’s military green, “army” and “toffee” brown. Both elegant, sophisticated and highly combinable. What colors are you this season?


As we always tell you, at Hosbo we try to keep up with the trends in the sector and we work daily to be able to offer the latest in fashion to customers and distributors. It is for this reason and due to the growing demand in the sector that we have decided to add new products to our catalogue; Spring/Summer 2020. There are four different collections in fluorine tones: Cosmic, Avatar, Hiper and Kabbalah Fluor. All of them have 5 really eye-catching and vibrant tones that are ideal for creating shoes or accessories.

The four collections have different finishes to choose from; plain, engraved or reptilian prints on our characteristic goat leather. All of them have been treated with care, in addition to the quality with which they have all our skins.

Find what’s new in the SS20 catalogue

All these leathers are available in our SS 20 catalogue. Now, as a novelty, you can also receive it online. You only have to contact us, through the method you prefer, and we will facilitate your download. But if you prefer, you can receive the catalog to the address you specify.

Take a look at the latest news, here you have the four fluorine collections we have created. Don’t be left with doubts and ask us all the questions that surround you. We hope you like our new neon leathers as much as we do.


Yesterday we put the finishing touches to our SS20 presentation at Futurmoda. Here, close to home and surrounded by familiar faces, we closed a magnificent season. Our proposals for SS20 were very well received by all the visitors to the fairs and that made us really happy.

As you know, after the presentations at the fairs it’s time to wait for the results. These are not immediate. In the different events in which we have the pleasure of being part of, we act as ambassadors for our brand. We bring our product to visitors, showing them all the material, explaining all its characteristics and benefits and if necessary, indicating which type of future product is best suited to one leather or another.

In these fairs we can put in value all our work

In these fairs we have the option to put in value all our work. From the creative process, to the choice of the best materials, and of course, their manufacture and later exhibition. Everything measured and studied to have the greatest impact on our recurring and future customers.

Once the fairs tour is over, just for now, it’s time to get back to work, evaluate everything we’ve experienced, focus on what we can always improve and keep working. Meanwhile, we leave you a sample of photos of what was Futurmoda 2019, on 13 and 14 March, in which you can see part of our proposals and products made with our leathers.

Thanks to all of you who have been part in some way of these vertiginous months, it has been a real pleasure.