Two collections in leather for footwear and leather goods, a fusion of avant-garde and tradition for a natural raw material full of virtues. We make you a small introduction in concepts and GLOBAL inspiration, that later we will be analyzing in colours, concepts and macro trends.

Colour blocks for footwear and leather goods design: ASEPTIC -LUXURY – AT HOME – EVASION

ASEPTIC: Materials and colour palettes become timeless, leathers that magnify their appearance over time, irregularities as part of the natural raw material we work with, now have a special value, naturally inspired textures and mouldy appearance will be very present. Craftsmanship is art.

LUXURY: Aged gilt and dark tones in burgundy and oil colours with a cosy look. Luxury is transformed into relaxation and elegance. Low-gloss metals with an oxidized or unfinished look contrast with the metallic body effect.

AT HOME: The soft textures serve as inspiration for colour palettes in soft and delicate shades. The trend is to design versatile and comfortable articles for everyday use, which is why we have prioritised characteristics such as naturalness and softness to develop the two collections.

EVASION: In a world immersed in a deep change, we bet for optimism optimizing the development thanks to the technological advances, contrasting between vibrant tones and dark post-punk environments.

The manufacturing processes and their transparency are more important than ever. Traceability in origin and distribution of the raw material is information that the consumer, who is increasingly demanding, wants to know.
At HOSBO, as a member of the LWG (Leather Working Group), we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and our entire surroundings. We have expanded our collections to include eco-friendly and chrome-free articles.
Sustainable and responsible consumption is part of the philosophy of the new consumer.