We invite designers and producers of footwear and leather goods to come into the woods with us and propose a palette full of nuances like nature itself.
The colour green is associated with life, tree leaves, moss, lichens. It symbolizes birth, strength and energy, which is why it is a tremendously optimistic color.

This is the basis of our inspiration for this proposal that we also transfer to the digital world. The natural universe is on the rise and skin is, increasingly respectful of its nature in each of our collections.

Creatives, craftsmen, designers… We hope that Forest will inspire you.


We love aged metals that give an appearance of natural wear and tear.

In this collection we dare to use the FLOCADO with animal print and our ENGRAVING in honeycomb with volume. These proposals in green are ideal to give an innovative touch to your look. Tropical prints with crackle effect and black background to highlight the color. Different versions of the zebra print; leather engraved with “MOARÉ” effect. Also more subtle finishes by “PURE”.  A softer and more flexible leather in khaki green tone. In short, a multitude of innovative and different options at the service of all our customers.