How do we fuse design with our raw material, leather? HOSBO DESIGN is born, a commitment to exclusivity and creativity.

MIMOSA has the supple texture of goatskin, and a versatile and cheerful print. Available in 3 different colours and finishes. At HOSBO we add an extra personality to our skins with prints. Our inspiration comes from nature, colour and floral life in collections of shoes or bags.

The article HARING transmits colour and art, how about ankle sneakers with these vibrant tones? MALENA colour MISO is a recreation of orchid jewellery. One of the trends with the most personality is the animal print. A print that is so strong that it comes back every season. ELITE and SALVAJE are our proposals for your footwear and leather goods designs.

Fuchsia pink invades the fashion world. What if we fuse a metallic touch on a blue background? It will surely not leave you indifferent. The sensuality and warmth of the tropics seduces us once again. This is the trend that awaits us to colour the summer with exotic atmospheres. Leaves, flowers and branches in shades of green, brown and ochre on a black background. The most sophisticated version of the CALIGULA article, what do you think of this design with a summer bootie? LASIESTA is that sweet moment in print form. Subtle, in pastel shades, in fine and soft goatskin.

All of them to create items full of personality and strength. The prints, a distinguished touch in our wide range of leathers.