We invite designers and producers of footwear and leather goods to come into the woods with us and propose a palette full of nuances like nature itself.
The colour green is associated with life, tree leaves, moss, lichens. It symbolizes birth, strength and energy, which is why it is a tremendously optimistic color.

This is the basis of our inspiration for this proposal that we also transfer to the digital world. The natural universe is on the rise and skin is, increasingly respectful of its nature in each of our collections.

Creatives, craftsmen, designers… We hope that Forest will inspire you.


We love aged metals that give an appearance of natural wear and tear.

In this collection we dare to use the FLOCADO with animal print and our ENGRAVING in honeycomb with volume. These proposals in green are ideal to give an innovative touch to your look. Tropical prints with crackle effect and black background to highlight the color. Different versions of the zebra print; leather engraved with “MOARÉ” effect. Also more subtle finishes by “PURE”.  A softer and more flexible leather in khaki green tone. In short, a multitude of innovative and different options at the service of all our customers.


From Hosbo we would like to present two of our collections in leather cow. This type of leather is one of the most used materials in the industry due to its goodness; it is durable and versatile, besides having a good elasticity and resistance.

Both collections; winter and summer have a strong Mediterranean inspiration and both are perfect for the creation of all kinds of shoes, accessories and leather goods.  We present you with more details of our collections:

Varenne & Goya 

Varenne and Goya are two proposals with two harmonious color palettes in which summer and winter merge. Light tones contrast with dark ones, perfect for two-color designs, volumes and natural mixtures. An elegant palette with a mix of classic leather tones and trendy colors.

Cairo, Naga & Ulises 

Three palettes with different engravings that complete our cowhide collections. We present them to you:

Cairo is printed crocodile effect leather. The tricolor finish gives it volume and naturalness. The tones chosen for this leather reflect the trend of finishes and palettes that can make a seasonal and lasting transition in time, a fundamental concept in our cowhide collection.

Naga is a python print with a semi-gloss finish available in 6 timeless shades that can be perfectly combined with Varenne or Goya plains for a 70’s aesthetic design. Reinvented vintage styles are super present in leather fashion.

Ulises: is a micro leather engraving with metallic finish for more sophisticated designs or to mix textures in sport or futuristic styles. The color palette includes both warm and cold metal tones.



Behind all our collections and catalogues there is always an idea, a thread that gives meaning and unites everything, in addition to a lot of work and preparation time. Our catalogue SS21; “Heritage and Sustainability” wanted to follow the basis of traditional goatskin, but with added values, eco-sustainable articles, wider and more colourful palettes of natural inspiration and artificial tones to achieve much more contemporary finishes.

Silky surfaces and nude finishes for minimalist, no-frills manufacturing. We have redefined the charm of imperfection in our leathers. In this catalogue you will find irregular, waxed and stained finishes that simulate worn-out leather. Shoe leather that improves with use and time.

We also have low-gloss metallics and extreme colour contrasts between natural and digital. A variety of engravings on nubuck or sanded bases that give a very natural look.

We try to find the balance between development and nature

We live in a society that is more and more aware of the environment and the need to find a balance between development and nature, and that is why at Hosbo we are more and more committed to eco-friendly articles and authentic finishes. A way of treating our raw material, goatskin, with the utmost care.

The composition and design of the cover of the catalogue is made by our colleague Marta Pereyra. The central image is a glass carafe, which is used for olive oil, the Mediterranean always as an axis. The graphic is a floral of impossible volumes inspired by the work of David Hockney. In short, a work that bets on natural textures and colour.

Dear customers, suppliers and team that make up the Hosbo family.
From today, and until further notice, our working hours will be reduced from 8am to 2pm, however this could be affected due to the events that are taking place.
In order to offer you the best service, guaranteeing all the hygiene and operation measures proposed by the Ministry of Health, we inform you that for any visit to our facilities, you will have to

Contact via phone/email to specify the reason for the visit.
In case an order is requested, we will inform in advance when the goods are ready for collection between 8 am to 2 pm.
Once you access our facilities you must do so following the hygiene and safety distance regulations established by the health authorities.
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Thank you for your attention and for any question or demand we are here to assist you. We hope to return to normal soon and we wish you that at this time, when health is the most important thing, you are all in good condition.

All this will pass!

For us January, like for many of you, is a busy month. Although we arrive from the Christmas holidays with our homework done and our entire collection ready, we have many trips, many presentations, many hours of flight time and very little sleep. Even so, January has become one of the months that we like most about our work. Charged batteries, illusion and a lot of desire for what is to come.

We start with our private tour on January 21st at Lineapelle London. A small, but very welcoming fair, which we have been attending for several seasons. This year is the first and coincides with the presentation of our new SS21 catalogue, something that, as the years go by, always fills us with enthusiasm.

Right after London, the city of skyscrapers awaits us. Lineapelle New York will take place on 29-30 and in Hosbo we won’t miss it. It’s always a pleasure to travel to New York, even if it’s for work.

February arrives and with it Première Vision Paris. On 11-13 we will be there as a nail to continue presenting our collection; SS21. To finish February in style we will travel to Milan from 11-13 to attend the last of our international fairs of these months; Lineapelle Milan. A perfect cherry on top of our fair tour. You can follow us through our social networks.