Last Friday we received great news for our company; we got the quality seal LEATHER WORKING GROUP, LWG.  A seal that recognizes us as a sustainable company, which carries out the environmental compliance and traceability of all our production and work processes.

LEATHER WORKING GROUP, through its audits and evaluations, awards seals of different categories, according to the responsibility of the processes, thus creating a community of sustainable companies within the sector. You can find out a lot about LWG on their website



At Hosbo we continue to advance in our particular “environmental journey” in which we have been immersed for a long time, and which has as its only goal, responsibility for our environment. We are happy to receive this recognition, which only encourages us to continue growing.


The big fashion houses spoke out and made it clear that the predominant style this season AW20-21 will be casual chic. A more relaxed style dominated by looser patterns and versatile textures, with a sophisticated touch, often focused on footwear – accessories have taken centre stage! We tell you what shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe this season.

The accessories have taken centre stage!

Dark boots. This type of boot has become the obsession of the fashion industry this season, and without a doubt, the safest investment. With large platforms, in black and with a renewed Chelsea style, they will flood the streets and be the object of desire. They can be combined with trousers, skirts or dresses to break with the most boho or romantic aesthetics.

Mary-Jane style with platform. We continue with the fashion of wide-soled shoes and a very dark aesthetic. This model is inspired by the school shoe, but in a much higher and modern version. So much has been the success of this type of shoe that it has become the favourite of celebrities and insiders with a marked Preppy style and retro DNA.

Heeled shoes with knotted straps at the ankles. The favourite summer trend has been reinvented and we will also see them during the winter in a closed version. They are designed to be knotted above the trousers through their endless straps.

And now, tell us; which trend suits you best?

Two collections in leather for footwear and leather goods, a fusion of avant-garde and tradition for a natural raw material full of virtues. We make you a small introduction in concepts and GLOBAL inspiration, that later we will be analyzing in colours, concepts and macro trends.

Colour blocks for footwear and leather goods design: ASEPTIC -LUXURY – AT HOME – EVASION

ASEPTIC: Materials and colour palettes become timeless, leathers that magnify their appearance over time, irregularities as part of the natural raw material we work with, now have a special value, naturally inspired textures and mouldy appearance will be very present. Craftsmanship is art.

LUXURY: Aged gilt and dark tones in burgundy and oil colours with a cosy look. Luxury is transformed into relaxation and elegance. Low-gloss metals with an oxidized or unfinished look contrast with the metallic body effect.

AT HOME: The soft textures serve as inspiration for colour palettes in soft and delicate shades. The trend is to design versatile and comfortable articles for everyday use, which is why we have prioritised characteristics such as naturalness and softness to develop the two collections.

EVASION: In a world immersed in a deep change, we bet for optimism optimizing the development thanks to the technological advances, contrasting between vibrant tones and dark post-punk environments.

The manufacturing processes and their transparency are more important than ever. Traceability in origin and distribution of the raw material is information that the consumer, who is increasingly demanding, wants to know.
At HOSBO, as a member of the LWG (Leather Working Group), we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and our entire surroundings. We have expanded our collections to include eco-friendly and chrome-free articles.
Sustainable and responsible consumption is part of the philosophy of the new consumer.


We invite designers and producers of footwear and leather goods to come into the woods with us and propose a palette full of nuances like nature itself.
The colour green is associated with life, tree leaves, moss, lichens. It symbolizes birth, strength and energy, which is why it is a tremendously optimistic color.

This is the basis of our inspiration for this proposal that we also transfer to the digital world. The natural universe is on the rise and skin is, increasingly respectful of its nature in each of our collections.

Creatives, craftsmen, designers… We hope that Forest will inspire you.


We love aged metals that give an appearance of natural wear and tear.

In this collection we dare to use the FLOCADO with animal print and our ENGRAVING in honeycomb with volume. These proposals in green are ideal to give an innovative touch to your look. Tropical prints with crackle effect and black background to highlight the color. Different versions of the zebra print; leather engraved with “MOARÉ” effect. Also more subtle finishes by “PURE”.  A softer and more flexible leather in khaki green tone. In short, a multitude of innovative and different options at the service of all our customers.


From Hosbo we would like to present two of our collections in leather cow. This type of leather is one of the most used materials in the industry due to its goodness; it is durable and versatile, besides having a good elasticity and resistance.

Both collections; winter and summer have a strong Mediterranean inspiration and both are perfect for the creation of all kinds of shoes, accessories and leather goods.  We present you with more details of our collections:

Varenne & Goya 

Varenne and Goya are two proposals with two harmonious color palettes in which summer and winter merge. Light tones contrast with dark ones, perfect for two-color designs, volumes and natural mixtures. An elegant palette with a mix of classic leather tones and trendy colors.

Cairo, Naga & Ulises 

Three palettes with different engravings that complete our cowhide collections. We present them to you:

Cairo is printed crocodile effect leather. The tricolor finish gives it volume and naturalness. The tones chosen for this leather reflect the trend of finishes and palettes that can make a seasonal and lasting transition in time, a fundamental concept in our cowhide collection.

Naga is a python print with a semi-gloss finish available in 6 timeless shades that can be perfectly combined with Varenne or Goya plains for a 70’s aesthetic design. Reinvented vintage styles are super present in leather fashion.

Ulises: is a micro leather engraving with metallic finish for more sophisticated designs or to mix textures in sport or futuristic styles. The color palette includes both warm and cold metal tones.