Yesterday we put the finishing touches to our SS20 presentation at Futurmoda. Here, close to home and surrounded by familiar faces, we closed a magnificent season. Our proposals for SS20 were very well received by all the visitors to the fairs and that made us really happy.

As you know, after the presentations at the fairs it’s time to wait for the results. These are not immediate. In the different events in which we have the pleasure of being part of, we act as ambassadors for our brand. We bring our product to visitors, showing them all the material, explaining all its characteristics and benefits and if necessary, indicating which type of future product is best suited to one leather or another.

In these fairs we can put in value all our work

In these fairs we have the option to put in value all our work. From the creative process, to the choice of the best materials, and of course, their manufacture and later exhibition. Everything measured and studied to have the greatest impact on our recurring and future customers.

Once the fairs tour is over, just for now, it’s time to get back to work, evaluate everything we’ve experienced, focus on what we can always improve and keep working. Meanwhile, we leave you a sample of photos of what was Futurmoda 2019, on 13 and 14 March, in which you can see part of our proposals and products made with our leathers.

Thanks to all of you who have been part in some way of these vertiginous months, it has been a real pleasure.