At Hosbo, we are manufacturers of goat leather for cutting and lining. Most of our leathers are sold to create footwear, handbags, or any accessory you can imagine. This makes us keep up to date with the latest trends and imitate the fashion industry. In recent years, and with the massification of low cost shops and low quality accessories, we would like to highlight the advantages of using leather footwear in this case.

In our company, we are based on the use of goat leather as the epicenter of production for cutting, although we also use porcine leather for lining. Goat leather differs in that it is very thin and therefore very flexible in its use. They have superior quality, thanks to their compact structure and excellent feel. Without forgetting that it´s an extremely resistant leather ideal for footwear. There are many advantages to using this type of material, and although a shoe of these characteristics may be a little more expensive, its virtues are noticeable in the long term. As for the porcine leather, used for lining, it has excellent results, as it is a very adaptable and resistant material.

Advantages of wearing leather shoes.

Sometimes, we are not fully aware of the importance of our feet in our bodies, and taking care of them is almost an obligatory task. A good material for our footwear should be an important topic. Leather shoes usually have greater qualities and performance than we imagine:

Durability: With the advent of fast-paced fashion, we have forgotten that good footwear can last for several seasons, with little or no noticeable passage of time. Something, no doubt, to keep in mind.

Comfort and adaptability: Leather shoes tend to adapt to our feet without rubbing or injury. They adapt to our morphology, acquiring their anatomical shape and making our skin comfortable and the shoe does not deform with use.

Better perspiration: They absorb much better the natural sweating of our feet. Therefore, it avoids bad smells and keeps our feet drier and more protected than other materials.

For all these reasons, at Hosbo we always work to make our leathers the best choice of any shoe manufacturer and therefore, we advocate the use of good quality leather shoes.