Behind all our collections and catalogues there is always an idea, a thread that gives meaning and unites everything, in addition to a lot of work and preparation time. Our catalogue SS21; “Heritage and Sustainability” wanted to follow the basis of traditional goatskin, but with added values, eco-sustainable articles, wider and more colourful palettes of natural inspiration and artificial tones to achieve much more contemporary finishes.

Silky surfaces and nude finishes for minimalist, no-frills manufacturing. We have redefined the charm of imperfection in our leathers. In this catalogue you will find irregular, waxed and stained finishes that simulate worn-out leather. Shoe leather that improves with use and time.

We also have low-gloss metallics and extreme colour contrasts between natural and digital. A variety of engravings on nubuck or sanded bases that give a very natural look.

We try to find the balance between development and nature

We live in a society that is more and more aware of the environment and the need to find a balance between development and nature, and that is why at Hosbo we are more and more committed to eco-friendly articles and authentic finishes. A way of treating our raw material, goatskin, with the utmost care.

The composition and design of the cover of the catalogue is made by our colleague Marta Pereyra. The central image is a glass carafe, which is used for olive oil, the Mediterranean always as an axis. The graphic is a floral of impossible volumes inspired by the work of David Hockney. In short, a work that bets on natural textures and colour.