In recent years, a social alarm has been created around certain chemical components. One of them is chrome and its use in accessories such as shoes. Chromium is a metal element that has high properties such as corrosion resistance, durability and hardness. These compounds have been used for different uses over the years and one of the most widely used has been the leather tanning process. Using the “chrome tanning” method. The fear for this process comes through the appearance of people with salts allergies that this material can produce. In addition, this material may act as a skin irritant to excessive exposure.

Differences between chromium 3 and chromium 6

The chrome-based technological process is used in 85% of leather tanning processes. The problem and possible health consequences lie during the tanning process. The trivalent, chromium three, can oxidize during the process and result in the hexavalent, which is potentially toxic to humans and animals. In an attempt to allay fears, the International Union of Societies of Tanning Technicians and Chemicals has launched a study assessing the real dangers of this component and the conclusions are clear and decisive. Through appropriate controls, it is totally possible to prevent the appearance of toxic elements in the leathers produced by this mineral.

At Hosbo we have an eco-friendly chrome-free line

At Hosbo, we take care of our production process in detail and strictly follow the health policies and regulations, so that under no circumstances will the health of final consumers be put at risk. Through relevant samples and studies, our leather, both cut and lining, is free of six chrome. In addition, in order to reach a larger number of people, we have a totally ecological line, free of both three and six. An initiative carried out for those people who choose a 100% natural and eco-friendly product of the best possible quality.