Pantone has ruled that “Living Coral” is the color of 2019. A vibrant pink tone, full of strength, that tries to recreate the aspect of nature and the seabed; the beauty of the corals condensed in a pink tone, which also has a vindictive point. The American company wanted to focus its criticism on the state of the seabed and the footprint that humans are leaving on the various oceans that make up our planet and that are becoming devoid of this wonderful vegetation.

Pantone will dye Living Coral 2019

Apart from the social denunciation that the company has made this year, Pantone’s proposals are some of the most awaited of the year because, to a greater or lesser extent, will become the color that floods the world of fashion. The proposals will be infinite and the results very varied, to create a chromatic range that seems to come from the bottom of the seas.

At Hosbo we know the importance of colours when creating our leathers, and it is not only important for us to produce high quality leathers with pleasant touches, but we also need a plus that adapts to current trends. An offer based on a broad knowledge of the world of fashion, a creative proposal thought and studied and a personal taste defined by the choices of our customers. In this way, we manage to create collections that serve as inspiration to the diverse craftsmen, designers and manufacturers who work with our skins and offer them a product with all the characteristics demanded.