A new year begins and at Hosbo we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to thank all our customers for the confidence shown during this year and the affection received. We would also like to take this opportunity to take stock of our personal growth in 2017. This feeling is reinforced by the help we have tried to give to the most disadvantaged groups of people. This is something that has undoubtedly become our main purpose for this 2018, to continue to contribute our small grain of sand.

At Hosbo we collaborate with various associations
For the past few years, at Hosbo, we have been committed to our corporate social responsibility and therefore, we are active members of different associations that help the most disadvantaged in the hardest times. Having the possibility of helping others and sharing what we have is part of our brand philosophy and our beliefs as a company and human team.

One of the platforms with which we collaborate is; Aid to Elche Syrian Refugees. A not-for-profit association that is disconnected from the political scene and seeks to alleviate the situation of exclusion suffered by the Syrian people, especially children. It offers the possibility for companies, other associations or individuals to contribute their bit with food, donations or any other help that may be necessary. A few months ago, the platform, together with the collaborators, managed to fill and discharge a container filled with 100 tons of food, footwear and hygiene products for Thessaloniki (Greece).

Elche Acoge advocates for the rights of immigrants
In addition, we are part of the network of companies committed to the diversity of Elche Acoge, an NGO that aims to promote the rights of immigrants and create relationships between them and our city, promoting their rights. They are also helped to promote their own autonomy and personal and social development.

In addition to this project, at Hosbo we work every day to continue helping and there are many associations with which we collaborate: doctors without borders, Red Cross and international amnesty, among others. All this, to bring a little hope and light to the people who need it most.

At this time, when feelings of cooperation and altruism are on the rise, we are taking advantage of this opportunity to demand the help of whoever wants or can, and we are calling for joint cooperation so that there are fewer and fewer people at risk of social exclusion and in disadvantaged situations.