Summer is a perfect season when we love to wear shoes. Ideally, we should wear good leather shoes that do not rub our feet. In summer the foot tends to widen and the only thing that is able to adapt to its shape is a good leather sandal, which guarantees comfort and convenience. Also, in summer, we are always prone to sweating much more and leather shoes have a better absorption.

In HOSBO, as leather producers and experts in the field, we want to give you a series of tips and a few tips, so that the summer shoes survive you for more than a season.

TIPS for the proper use of our sandals

Wear our favorite sandals? Yes, of course, but not for many days at a time and with rest intervals. It is important to let them rest so that the skin of the shoe can return to its shape. This way, the skin will last much longer in perfect condition.

Terraces, dust, sand…. In summer, we tend to walk on many more surfaces, which end up staining our shoes. Therefore, it is important to check after each use and clean them if necessary. It is important to use the right products to do this, such as a brush, a cotton cloth and even a product that will restore moisture and shine to our shoes. We left you a previous post, in which we talked about how to treat our goatskin.

What do we do if our sandals get wet? In summer it is much more common for our feet to sweat and end up wetting the shoe. In these cases, dry the sandal gently and then use a wooden or paper last to absorb moisture from inside in a gentle and non-aggressive way. We should avoid using direct heat, such as a hair dryer, as it may be counterproductive and may harden the skin.

And lastly, the during is as important as the post use. The most advisable would be to keep our sandals with your last and inside a cotton bag. Also, if the shoe in question has a decorative element, or fits snugly around the ankle, even more care should be taken not to lose its shape.

These simple tips, a priori, are not always carried out, but if we incorporate them into our daily routine, our sandals will last more than a season and the skin of our shoes will remain in perfect condition. Now, enjoy the summer!