We are travel lovers and that is why when it comes to the fair season we enjoy so much. It’s true that it has nothing to do with a pleasure trip and that hours and work accumulate, but to travel half of Europe, and also New York, from fair to fair, presenting what we do best, making skins, is priceless.

January starts at Lineapelle London

This end of January has been loaded with trips. We started with Lineapelle London, and although it was a brief visit, we love returning to this city; for the life that its streets transmit, for the intrinsic fashion in every corner and for the art that is breathed by all its corners. One of those places that we would never stop visiting and more, if it is for something as special as presenting our new collection to all Lineapelle attendees. It was the first event of the season and there we gave our proposals of skins for Spring/Summer 20. A sample, that as we already anticipated you, comes loaded with novelties, suitable tonalities for the summer season and wonderful textures. We are looking forward to showing you everything, everything. For now we’ll leave you the graphic diary of what London gave of itself.

Right now, we are in New York, in the Metropolitan Pavilion, in one of the stands of LINEAPELLE NY. For several seasons we went to this event that fills us with emotion and incredible sensations. In the city of skyscrapers one has to feel small, for all that a city like New York means, but we let ourselves go and enjoy everything it offers us. The fair is being a success and we couldn’t be happier. We also leave you some photographic material, so that even in the distance, you can follow us the steps.