As you know, we’re passionate about colors. We believe that they are capable of speaking for themselves, that they have the power to favour and that above all, chosen with taste, they complement each other perfectly. We always choose them with great care when creating our leathers. In our world we are always one season ahead. We’ve been presenting our spring/summer 2020 catalogue for several months, but today we wanted to compile a collection of the colours that will be seen this season. Are you discovering them with us?

One of the repeated ones, although with another name, is the mustard color. “Mango mojito” is presented with an intense and very flattering tone, which will be the great ally the tanned skin. It is perfect for footwear and this year you will find it in both plain and printed leathers. Without a doubt, a win win.

It’s the turn of the warm color par excellence; orange. “Turmania” is the name Pantone gave it and it was really present in all the past catwalks. It’s intense and very eye-catching and maybe you won’t dare with the whole look, but a complement of this color will relaunch even the most basic outfit.

The pastel tones will be the star colours of summer

We couldn’t talk about this summer’s trends without mentioning the pastel tones; no doubt the summer stars. They have arrived with force in all its variants and tonalities: pink, blue, yellow… They are capable of turning any look into something romantic and delicate.

In contrast to the romanticism of pastels, we find fuchsia. It is an explosive color and with skins of this tone can be created shoes and super flattering dream complements. It is an intermediate color between the pastels and the most intense red and therefore, it always feels good.

And finally, we mention two tones a little more classic, but certainly essential for us. We don’t like to say that they are in trend, because at Hosbo they never go out of style. It’s military green, “army” and “toffee” brown. Both elegant, sophisticated and highly combinable. What colors are you this season?