Hijos de Oscar Botella Sempere, S.L.  is a company with a long family history, three generations to be exact, in which the main activity is the production and distribution of tanned hides. The dedication and effort have led us to be leaders in the sector, occupying the 15th position in the national ranking in the sector, according to D&D S.A. A place that we could not have achieved without the support and loyalty of our customers.

The Hosbo brand has articles produced mainly from goat, lamb and pig skins, intended for cutting and lining. We make two catalogues a year in which we incorporate an updated sample of stock, based on current trends. All this is presented in the most important national and international fairs of the sector worldwide. The sale of our product is divided equally between domestic and foreign sales. We sell approximately 12 million feet and continue to expand our facilities to increase capacity by 30%.

Own production and storage to guarantee an immediate response.

We have our own production centre in India and several partnerships with national factories. These give us great advantages in terms of flexibility and speed in the supply of goods, as well as the possibility of having absolute control over the entire production process. To this, we add the quality and competitive price of all our brand products.

Our main warehouse, located in Elche, is the nerve centre of the business. Always supplied with a large quantity of goods ready for immediate response. This, gives us one of the qualities most valued by our customers, the speed and quickness in the supply of our skins. Delivery times are usually immediate, except in the case of newly created items, which usually take 2 to 3 weeks. Our customers recognize Hosbo, a reliable brand that cares about quality and is committed to its work, as well as always being up to date with trends and offering fashion in each collection.

Corporate responsibility is also a maxim in our company. Constant concern for the environment and compliance with REACH regulations on banned substances are an important pillar of our daily work system.

In short, in Hosbo we are a family business, with values focused on good work, hard work, commitment and professionalism.  We work daily to offer extra innovation and good service to our customers, to whom we are eternally grateful. We respect our environment, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant, and we sincerely believe in the importance of helping through our actions, so we actively collaborate with various NGOs and aid platforms.