The world of fashion is changing and very fleeting. There are many professions and companies linked to this professional field, from leather producers, such as Hosbo, to designers and creatives, who must always be up to date, ahead of each season and know how to evolve with the environment.

Innovation is part of our everyday life and is always present in everything we do. Our goal to improve and offer the maximum diversity and quality to our customers is a constant and daily work. That is why, every season, we look for inspiration in everything around us and we launch different proposals to the market. At Hosbo we always try to be true to our style, and we offer our most recognized and classic leathers every season, in addition to the new fantasy collections. In addition, we offer our customers the best qualities. One of the foundations of our philosophy as a brand.

“Pure” joins the big HOSBO family

This year, we wanted to add a new product to our big family of furs and we at Hosbo think you’re going to love it. We have called it “PURE” and as its name suggests, it is a natural looking, very soft to the touch, small grain leather with a color palette aligned with our proposals for fall / winter 2019-20. We will present this new incorporation in the fairs we visit during the summer, September and October months and we hope that it will be very well received and that you will like it as much as we do. We’ll keep you updated.