In Hosbo we work with goatskins for cut and lining, all of them are characterized by the quality and versatility of their uses, although many are designed for the production of footwear and accessories, thanks to their flexibility and comfort. Among our wide catalogue, we would like to talk about fantasy leathers, so called because of their finishes and prints.

We are experts in various techniques, ranging from engraved to laminated leathers, with hundreds of finishes and a variety of tones and colors. These differ from the classics in the way they are created. Fantasy leathers are based on current trends, inspirations from our creatives and exhaustive market studies. It is a more complex process, which is directed, to a greater extent, to manufacturers of footwear or accessories that need a plus of glamour in their creations. In our page we offer a series of skins in the outlet area, many of them fantasy, which can become the perfect choice of our customers. We are talking about two of our latest integrations to the outlet area.

Two of the latest integrations of our outlet area.

Nancy: “Cocco” engravings on a goat base, covered with coloured foil and patent leather. This skin is available in 20 different colours, ranging from a pale pink to the most intense red. For its evocative and risky design is ideal for creating shoes and accessories.

Suede Strech: This model is a very demanded black suede leather, thanks to its good results, both in appearance, provides an elegant touch, as in comfort. Its silky and pleasant touch puts the final brooch to this classic essential.

Discover these models, and many more, in our outlet area or ask for the current catalogue, so you can keep up to date with all our new products.