When you buy a leather product, such as shoes, it´s important to give them the care they deserve to increase their durability and that they do not suffer deformations over time or wear the color. From Hobos, and as experts in dealing with goatskin, we offer you a series of tips so that, when we acquire a leather shoe, it stays as the first day for much longer.

It´s important to pay attention to some easy tips. We must store our shoes properly. If they are going to remain in boxes for a long time, as when we make the change of season, they should go inside a cotton bag with their corresponding lasts to keep their shape. Do not abuse cleaning products that may be counterproductive. If our footwear requires creams, greases, brushes or chamois, it is important that they are of the best possible quality and that after application we remove the excess product. Failure to apply them correctly may damage the skin of the shoe. Finally, it is appropriate to use a shoehorn to avoid deformation and also to facilitate the fit.

Treatment on goat skins

Goat skins, such as the ones we have at Hosbo, are ideal for footwear and are also top quality, so it is important to give them the attention they deserve. Although a shoe with this type of material can last for years, if we take care of it it will have the shine and appearance of the first day. How do we take care of our leather shoes? If we apply any type of cream it is important that it is solid in texture and in the corresponding tone. Once the product has been chosen, we brush the shoe to remove any dust residue it may contain, then apply a small part of the bitumen and brush thoroughly to remove any excess product it may contain. Finally, we rub with a cotton cloth all the shoe to dry it completely and that the shoe is not damp.