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Finished goat lining. Suitable to produce shoes and leather goods articles. Softy touch. Thickness 0.6/0.7 mm.

Skins size from 3 to 6 square feet

  • Forro Arquimedes
  • Forro Baby
  • Forro Blanco.
  • Forro Crudo
  • Forro Dallas
  • Forro Marfil
  • Forro Marino
  • Forro mate Cipres
  • Forro mate Maquillaje
  • Forro mate Rass
  • Forro nacar Fumme
  • Forro nacar Mercurio
  • Forro nacar Panter
  • Forro nacar Pluton
  • Forro nacar Saturno
  • Forro Negro
  • Forro Niza
  • Forro Rojo
  • Forro Socrates
  • Forro Trento
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Forro Arquimedes, Forro Baby, Forro Blanco., Forro Crudo, Forro Dallas, Forro Marfil, Forro Marino, Forro mate Cipres, Forro mate Maquillaje, Forro mate Rass, Forro nacar Fumme, Forro nacar Jupiter, Forro nacar Mercurio, Forro nacar Panter, Forro nacar Pluton, Forro nacar Saturno, Forro Negro, Forro Niza, Forro Rojo, Forro Socrates, Forro Trento